Neurological diseases or craniocerebral injuries, for instance following an accident,
frequently confront the patient and his or her environment with completely new challenges.
In out-patient neurorehabilitation, we offer treatment to all patients, regardless of their
stage of rehabilitation, as our therapy is conceived to be adaptable enough to attain specific,
individual targets. A patient may wish to eat independently, take long walks, or play the piano
again. In close cooperation with the patient and his or her relatives, we attempt to utilize the
available potential in an optimal way, whilst placing great emphasis on a personalised
approach and the patient’s well-being.


Our philosophy

The interdisciplinary approach
– considering the whole picture to see the details.

Clinical pictures are as individual as human beings. Our therapeutic range therefore not only
includes physiotherapy, ergotherapy and medical massage, but we also collaborate closely
with external partners such as medical specialists, speech therapists, neuropsychologists and
orthopaedic technicians. This philosophy enables effective collaboration and relieves both
patient and relatives from cumbersome organisational tasks.


Therapeutic goals and measures


• Optimal utilization of available potential
• Re-learning common motion sequences and integration into everyday life
• Strengthening physical confidence
• Enhancing personal responsibility
• Regaining maximum independence

• Mobility impairment therapy
• Facilitation/initiation of functional activities
• Treatment of problems arising from inactivity
• Enhancing strength, coordination and endurance
• Optimization of motion patterns, leading to even distribution of stress on the joints
and hence supporting the positive training effect

• Therapy to alleviate pain induced by incorrect weight-bearing and its correlative
preventive measures

• Sensomotoric therapy
• Neuropsychological/cognitive training
• Dysphagia therapy
• Development of personal coping strategies
• Testing and adjusting of medical aids and orthotic devices
• MTT-Medical Training Therapy

Our therapeutic approach builds on the diagnosis and medical report
The therapeutic approach is based on motion analysis and on setting attainable
goals, taking the patient’s individual needs and potential into consideration.

Different therapeutic approaches are often combined to enhance the effect of
the therapy. Segeten Neurorehab predominantly works in accordance with the
Bobath philisophy and the concept of «Clinical Application of Forced Use»
(Utley/Woll). However, we also apply the PNF concept (proprioceptive
neuromuscular facilitation), as well as functional dysphagia therapy to improve

Group therapy
MP (Massed Practice) training is suitable for patients who have already been
subject to intensive therapy. In small groups, the attained goals are consolidated
and developed further. The joint training serves as a motivation to keep up the
continuous work on the individual goals.

We also provide group gait improvement training.

Home visits
Should you be unable to visit us, we are happy to come to your home instead. This service also helps to transfer achieved skills into everyday life. It is however restricted to District 7 and the immediate surroundings of Segeten Neurorehab towards the town boundaries.