TV report on Sat1 about the use of Forced Use Intensive Therapy among stroke patients

Utley/Woll's Forced Use Intensive Therapy is considered an efficient treatment for the rehabilitation of people with motor disorders resulting from damages to the brain such as stroke or other traumatic brain injuries. You will find out why that is the case and how this therapy works in this report (6:55 min, just click on the video to play, it will open on YouTube).


nano – 3sat -21.8.2012


Article about Forced Use Therapy in Segeten Neurorehab.
Media Planet – Faszination Gehirn, 30.Mai 2013

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TV report on SF1 on the program Puls about stem cell therapy for patients with multiple sclerosis

What happened to the MS patients that Puls 2017 accompanied throughout their stem cell therapy abroad? In Switzerland, HSCT procedures are still somewhat controversial, and the treatment is not covered by health insurance companies. The program that aired at that time started a discussion, and one patient from Segeten Neurorehab is now looking to the future with hope. (32:28 min, just click on the Video to play, the program will open on

Source: SF1, Puls, «Radikale MS-Therapie: Wie weiter?» vom 12.2.2018