Out-patient neurorehabilitation

In our Zürich-Witikon rehabilitation centre we treat patients whose
motor and/or cognitive skills have been affected by stroke, craniocerebral injury
or neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson’s disease.
Our therapeutic approach is based on situations in everyday life and supports
these patients on their way back to a self-determined life – regardless of age,
severity of the affliction or the amount of time lapsed since its onset.

Practise with us – use your skills at home. Out-patient rehabilitation benefits
from the immediate possibility of implementing and fine-tuning re-acquired
skills in your familiar environment. The sense of achievement this imparts is
important for the further course of your therapy.

Segeten Neurorehab provides ample space for your progress; more than 500m2
are available for the individually customised and effective training methods
that we devise together with you. There are attractive walks and sports facilities
for cycling, walking and jogging right outside the front door. These can be
incorporated into your therapy programme in accordance with your personal
progress and objectives. The nearby shopping centre and bus service are also
suited for training situations from everyday life.

Personal, comprehensive and up to date. We are a well attuned, small team
of physio- and occupational therapists with many years of international
experience and in-depth expertise in neurorehabilitation. We also collaborate
closely with trusted partners, such as medical specialists, speech therapists,
neuropsychologists and orthopaedic technicians, enabling you to derive the
maximum benefit from your therapy. We continually further our education,
and channel the most recent knowledge gained, as well as other scientific
discoveries, into our concepts.